Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring and Management

With remote monitoring, we can supervise your computer systems to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Our monitoring system allows us to respond to alerts quickly in order to ensure the efficient running of your IT.

Our system sends any alerts to our central support account, so that all of our engineers will be aware of it. They can then review and address the issue to get you site back on track. However, we are also able to see any recurring issues that may lead to further problems. We can then quickly fix these issues off-site, before they have the chance to affect your business operations.

There are several core benefits to this package highlighted below, but the features do not stop there.

  • Continuous Security Updates – Not just for Windows but also a huge range of other applications that many companies overlook security patching for, Out of date patches is one of the most common ways networks are hacked
  • Failed Login Checks – This shows us immediately when there are a high numbers of failed logins which is often the step before unauthorised access is made into a network, at this point countermeasures can be taken to prevent this.
  • Website Checks – This will monitor your website for changes or for the website going offline. Many companies are not aware their website is down until a customer reports it. This allows immediate action to be taken and the customer to not even notice.

Just some of the additional checks we make as part of this are as follows but are not limited to

  • Critical Event Checks
  • Disk Storage Checks
  • Performance Checks
  • Disk Health Checks
  • Windows Service Checks
  • Full Customer Reporting

Combining all these checks and management tools together your network, servers and PCs are more protected than ever in an increasingly vulnerable IT world.

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