What makes for a responsible disaster recovery plan?

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2 August, 2017

Not all disaster recovery plans are the same, but it is important when planning for such an event to recognise the essential factors of preparing for digital disaster. Here are some of those important ingredients for a responsible disaster recovery plan:

Decide on the responsibilities of those involved

Responsible Disaster Recovery Plan
First of all assign one person the responsibility of officially announcing the event as a disaster. From that point onwards, each personnel member should be aware of what they need to do. Ensure that each staff member understands what is required of them, as well as the process as a whole.

Implement a communication strategy

This is one step many have frequently neglected as part of a responsible disaster recovery plan. It is one thing ensuring each of your employees knows their assigned roles and responsibilities. But another knowing who should communicate with whom.

There also need to be a variety of possible communication platforms in place. As it may be the case that the main methods of communication, such as email and phone, are unavailable.

Make sure you have a responsible Disaster Recovery Plan

Your plan could be doomed if you do not give it a trial run and the reasons why doing so are important. These include an employee having changed their phone number, hardware failure. Also the supply chain being reliant on an individual who doesn’t possess the ability to handle a disaster recovery. Testing your plan in circumstances when failing can not cause any harm is obviously safer. Rather than discovering flaws with the plan when it is too late.

At Ten Ten Systems, we are constantly working with our clients on designing and implementing their disaster recovery plan. We understand just how important it is for a business to maintain their records and files. As well as a wealth of experience to ensure that everything is in place to ensure maximum protection. For further information contact us, or drop by our Chester office.

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