At Ten Ten Systems, we have an extensive background in providing IT for cathedrals throughout the UK. Our knowledge of the requirements of cathedral IT systems therefore allows us to give you the highest levels of support.

Our Cathedral IT Experiencecathedral it services chester Cheshire uk

We have worked with many cathedrals over the years, providing impressive tailored services. These have ranged from infrastructure cabling to bespoke 3D projection screens for services. Click here to see our full Bristol Cathedral case study.

We even have experience in working with the structural limitations imposed for listed buildings, as well as gaining the necessary fabric committee approval for certain work to be undertaken.

This understanding will give you piece of mind that there will be no hidden surprises along the way.

Our Bespoke Cathedral IT Support and Solutions:

Microsoft 365

Most cathedrals hold charity status, and as such, they are able to access Microsoft Office 365 free of charge.

We have assisted in the migration process for many churches and companies. This experience then means that we can advise and guide you seamlessly through the process. Take a look at our Office 365 page for further information.


With such a high footfall, cathedrals often put CCTV high on their list of requirements. Luckily, this is an area in which we have a wealth of expertise and experience. We can install the cameras so that they almost blend into the background. This will therefore minimise the impact on the church’s structure and ambiance, making for a smooth transition. Please go to our CCTV page to find out more information.

Testimonials from our cathedral partners

“We needed to achieve very particular enhancements hear and had no ide of how to do so. Thanks to Sony’s smart and dependable technology and Ten Ten System’s expertise, we not only have a high quality visual solution within the cathedral. But we have peace of mind knowing the building is fully secure. We are 100% confident in the reliability and the longevity of the installation”
– Chapter Clerk, Bristol Cathedral

Ten Ten Systems pride ourselves on our customer focus. We aim to ensure minimal downtime to your operations, regardless of the work we are doing.

If you have any questions, we would love to discuss your requirements. To see if we can help drive the IT systems forward at your cathedral, then please contact us here.