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24 August, 2017

Microsoft 365 Business was launched at the recent Microsoft Inspire event that Microsoft 365 office buildingtook place just last month in Washington DC.

The tech giant announced a move that falls under its strategy to combine productivity-based programs. Microsoft 365 Business sees Enterprise Mobility and Security, Windows 10, and Office 365 all available in a single package.

Inspire made the package accessible to consumers in private beta mode. Earlier this month, however, it advanced to public beta. Which enabled the businesses they always intended to reach, i.e. SMEs, to benefit from it.

The package, with full Microsoft support, will be on sale by 2018.

Businesses can access the preview version for free. Although MS advises that they hire a partnering company to assist with implementation. When available to the public, it will have a price tag of $20 per month for each user. In comparison, Office 365 Businesses Premium costs $12.50 per month for each user.

Microsoft also announced that it will be making yet further changes to Outlook. It has been making tweaks to Outlook since it took the place of Hotmail in 2012.

The beta program gives users a more customised and quicker experience. They have the option to opt in to the program via a toggle that displays in their Outlook account.

Any Outlook account holder shown the toggle has the option of joining the beta program. Which will roll out new features as they are implemented. MS made it clear that any existing Outlook data will remain unaffected. As the focus on the beta is on web-based features and new under interface.

Microsoft 365 Business was undoubtedly the highlight of the event. At Ten Ten Systems, we have seen how cloud computing has assisted countless businesses in all industries. As a Microsoft partner, we help these firms take advantage of the countless benefits that the service provides. If you are looking for ways to improve your IT network, then why not contact us and to speak to an expert.

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