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6 February, 2017

Microsoft plans to train over 500,000 UK citizens in cloud technology through their own cloud computing scheme.

Phillip Hammond, the UK chancellor, spoke about the country’s GDP at Reading’s Microsoft headquarters. The headline, however, was the tech giant’s announcement of a new national skills proposal. The initiative aims to improve digital skills, and ensure that the UK maintains its place as a technology  leader.

Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Plans

Microsoft vows to commit to the scheme, which plans to train 30,000 public servants in digital services by 2020. They will then be able to teach citizens a number of IT skills. After this, Microsoft plans to provide free digital education to the entire country.

Microsoft’s UK CEO, Cindy Rose, said:

“We believe a fourth industrial revolution is underway – one driven by the transformative power of cloud technologies. In the wake of the EU referendum vote, the UK is looking at charting a new and different path to its future and Microsoft is committed, as it has been for more than 30 years, to helping the UK realise its full potential.”

Miss Rose went on to say they believe that maintaining the country’s global competitiveness depends on a transition to a cloud-based economy.

At Ten Ten Systems, we encourage businesses to make that very same transition in order to stay competitive. A cloud-based system enables companies to improve both speed and efficiency to their communication systems. This will ultimately improve production, along with their standing within their sector.

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