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12 October, 2015

It is always an uncomfortable feeling when needing to show a presentation on your laptop to a colleague or potential business partner, only to find that your battery is dying and there is no plug socket in sight. Fortunately, Microsoft has come up with a solution to improve battery power using current technologies.

In short, Microsoft’s new tech will learn when you perform certain tasks, and reserve enough charge to enable to perform them. In developing the energy source, MS is utilising different kinds of smart software, machine learning, and even types of battery.

The charging controller is currently a piece of hardware, but MS will ultimately make it OS based. The company will also be using machine learning technology, which means that when users carry out certain actions, the OS can better determine the kind of charge that is required.

MS is further employing various battery types to optimise delivery of power in its prototypes. Its blog stated:

“It combines several different kinds of batteries, all of which are optimized for different tasks, into the same computer. Then, it works with the operating system to figure out whether the user is, say, looking at Word documents or editing video footage, and applies the most efficient battery for that task.”

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