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14 August, 2018

Back in 2006, we became members of the Microsoft Partner Network and in 2009 we earned the distinction of GoldPartner, a title we still hold today. If, like many others you have heard about the Microsoft Partner Network and the various levels of distinction (Silver, Gold etc.) and wondered what it means, you are not alone.

The Partner Network is Microsoft’s recognition and reward for quality. For companies that are part of the network, Microsoft provides a whole range of support, previews and perks. However, far more important is what the Partner Network means if you are looking for a certain product(s) or tool(s). As well as the reassurance it gives our existing and potential customers.

What does becoming a Microsoft Partner involve?

To be a Microsoft Partner, a company needs to provide Microsoft related products or services – either by directly reselling them or by offering tools that enhance existing Microsoft software.

The process involved to be a basic partner is straightforward. However, to become a certified Gold Partner, a company must achieve:

  • Complete and pass a range of assessments
  • Submit five customer references
  • Earn 120 partner points
  • Have four qualified Microsoft Certified Engineers, each with at least one certification exam issued by Microsoft
  • A minimum requirement of two colleagues qualified in Microsoft’s sales and marketing
  • Have at least one employee who has completed the licensing overview assessment

While this may seem as overzealous, Microsoft wants their partners who have these competencies to provide their customers with a high standard of support. In the hope that more sales will be made.

Of course, the partnership is not a one-way street, in return several benefits are made available to partners, depending on their competency level. These benefits include:

  • Advanced and exclusive access to a range of Microsoft tools and other services
  • The opportunity to attend training programs on the latest products
  • Access to technical support
  • Free licenses and reduced costs for a variety of tools
  • Being the first to hear new information, tips and insights from Microsoft

How can this benefit you?

Good quality customer service is important to Ten Ten Systems. As a Microsoft Gold Partner we want our customers to have access to the best products and services.

  • Better Support

As a Microsoft Partner we get 24 hour, seven days a week access to Microsoft support. So, if you have a system failure or have any other major issues, we can contact Microsoft directly for a resolution and get your organisation back up and running in no time.

  • Up to date advice and knowledge

Get the best advice on current products and new releases; and find out more about the latest news and plans from Microsoft. We can tell you whether the product you are looking to purchase is the right investment or whether to wait until the release of a newer, improved product. Or, when the best time is to buy the licenses for a product of choice.

  • Real Experts

As Microsoft Gold partners we know our stuff. Our Microsoft experts have over 12 years of experience which gives them an in-depth knowledge of Microsoft products. Enabling them to provide the best innovative solutions to suit the customer’s needs and requirements.

  • Trained Experts

Our Microsoft experts get access to the latest training and tools, so can you be sure that the advice given is always current.

Choose the right Partner for your needs

Over the years Microsoft has created hundreds of products, tools and services. Which can be overwhelming and stressful, if you do not know where to start. By choosing a Microsoft Gold Partner, like ourselves, we can take the stress away. While you relax in the knowledge that you have been given the best advice and the right solution for your needs.

We offer wide range of Microsoft solutions, such as Microsoft 365. Why not contact us today and let us be your Microsoft Partner of choice.

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