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14 December, 2015

Microsoft’s acquisition moves in 2015 seemed to revolve around buying the best productivity apps for mobile. One of those acquisitions was Wunderlist, an app that reminds you of what’s on your to-do list, both in your personal life and at work.

Microsoft owns three apps considered to be among the most useful on an iPhone: Wunderlist (manages other tasks besides to-do lists), Outlook (the no.1 email app), and Sunrise (the no.1 calendar app).

Microsoft clearly had a plan in place. It concentrated its acquisitions on productivity as opposed to the newest and shiniest social media apps. More significantly, it’s buying apps with improved core functionality over the preloaded apps on an iPhone. Apple’s Reminders app, for example, is its own Wunderlist, but is too simple and has only a small number of features. The same can be said for Apple Calendar and Apple Mail.

There are improved alternatives for all of Apple’s in-built apps and Microsoft is buying them one at a time.

Microsoft modified its game plan as it set out to enhance people’s productivity. Part of the plan has been to ensure that iPhone users have access to great apps, even if third parties built them.

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