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28 July, 2017

ParOne country recognising the need to improve its ICT training is South Africa, whose minister Jeff Radebe recently highlighted theneed for more training geared towards young people.

ICT training in Schools

Radebe was delivering a talk at a recent workshop, co-organised by Duke University and Cisco, for young entrepreneurs. He said that both business development and ICT training should have a mandatory role in SA education.

Radebe is not the first person to propose this idea. A number of government officials and key figures within the industry have said that ICT is integral to the war on inequality, unemployment, and poverty. As well as important to the growth of South Africa as a whole.

Respected professionals in the field of education have been talking for a long time regarding key subjects. In particular the importance of their roles in the future. Especially relevant are the key roles that technology, science, and maths have to play in ICT training and learning.

What is the National Development Plan?

The National Development Plan, a guide on how South Africa can combat both inequality and poverty. It has named innovation, technology, and science as significant factors in helping the country reach its targets.

The sentiments expressed by Radebe came after a report from the Department of Education. Who decided against making maths mandatory for pupils studying grades between five and nine. The department, however, has denied these reports.

Radebe said:

“We must raise a new generation of young people that will not be job seekers but job creators. We need innovative young entrepreneurs who will play a significant role in the renewal of our economy.

“It is our local innovators and entrepreneurs who will ultimately create the millions of jobs that we need to grow in order to have an inclusive economy.”

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