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30 January, 2017

With the increase of cyber-attacks on small businesses, is 2019 the year the “it’ll never happen to us” mindset will finally be put to rest? Small Business Trends reported that 43% of cyber-attacks are targeted at small businesses. Attacking smaller businesses makes sense as they are more than likely to be an easier to target for hackers. While the benefits of such attacks will be minimal to the hacker. It does give the hacker the time to deploy further attacks on other smaller businesses. Why? Hackers do their research. They know that smaller businesses do not have the budget for a top-of-the-range security solutions. Instead they will invest minimal security their infrastructure needs. Which makes them easy target for data hungry predators.

Bolster your security

Network security is now a primary concern for businesses, with greater emphasis on cyber security than ever before. So, what can businesses do to defend themselves against damaging breaches?


Security information and event management (SIEM) software enables firms to centralise events and system logs from databases and users, application, servers, and network devices, while assisting in automating threat detection.

Implement a framework

Implementing an IT framework requires hard work and a high degree of teamwork between IT, management, and numerous other business departments.

Monitor endpoint devices

By monitoring endpoint devices, such as pen drives, mobile devices, and laptops, businesses can ensure that sensitive data remains in the office.

Fend off insider threats

The worst kind of security compromise is undoubtedly a case of the malicious employee. By monitoring which users are attempting to access confidential data. In addition to credentials, logs, and network traffic, businesses can detect and defend against insider threats.

Use analytics

The insights that data provide businesses from analytics is significant. By accessing real-time network data, a firm can detect and respond to suspicious activity on the network. They can then assess whether or not external sources are making threatening connection requests. Or detect a rise in web traffic over a firewall or critical router.

Your network security

At Ten Ten Systems, we offer network security to businesses that share the security concerns of many firms in the UK. We provide a customised solution to fill the gaps in network defences that our clients may have. Further, we offer advice to ensure that good practice is maintained within the workplace.

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