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5 June, 2017

Many businesses are considering the cloud. Recently the end-to-end technology provider Trustmarque surveyed IT bosses and CIOs about the cloud. Over 9 out of 10 said that they intend tomove on-premise applications to software-as-a-service, platform and infrastructure clouds by 2022.

Considering the cloud? Here are the facts

The research includes survey results from 200 senior IT bosses and CIOs from enterprises employing over 1,000 staff. It revealed that CIOs in the public sector were more willing to make the transition. Compared to those in the private sector.

First of all, 61% of respondents agreed one of the named main advantages as cost savings. While 60% replied with ‘scalability’, as key factor. Furthermore 51% cited enhancing the firm’s capability to deliver projects, along with any new requirements.

Close to half (49%) revealed that putting an end to their current infrastructure ranked as their main motivation for migration to the cloud. In addition over 50% of CIOs claim that current complex infrastructure slows down plans and holds them back.

Trustmarque CTO James Butler said:

“Cloud-based models of IT delivery have a wide range of benefits that cannot be fully unlocked without transforming the architectural and IT organisation, which is never trivial.

“Simple lift and shift projects are not enough to do that and may struggle to achieve a good return on investment.”

How to benefit from the cloud

At Ten Ten Systems, we help businesses migrate to the cloud to reduce complexity in the workplace. We recognise it’s a big undertaking for businesses. Therefore we take the time to get to know how businesses operate.  As a result we enable them to move forward with their plans and make the most out of today’s technology.

If you are considering or looking to upgrade to a cloud solution, then contact us today.

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