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23 January, 2016

Moving office is a move that can either be seamless or highly disruptive. Thorough planning will of course help. Here are a few steps which can be taken to make the move as smooth as possible:

relocation planningPlanning early

An office relocation involves a number of steps. With each one needing to be proper planning in advance. The earlier that a company makes its plans. Then typically the higher the chance that everything will go without a hitch. The first step is establish a project leader – someone responsible for checking and considering everything, and in place. Once done, the rest of the planning should begin as soon as possible.

Know what is involved

Like any process, there are a series of steps which you should take. But getting these steps wrong can lead to disaster. This brings us to…

Get professional help

A business may think that it is saving money by not employing the services of a third party but that simply isn’t the case. If an office move becomes stressful the possibility of a mistake happening increases. Potentially costing the company more time and money in the process. There are a number of aspects of the move which a professional company can help with, for example, IT relocation, where it is imperative that business communications need maintaining throughout the entire process. It is also an opportunity to consider upgrading to improved systems and changing to a more convenient and/or cost effective telecoms plan.

At Ten Ten Systems, we assist with office relocation, specialising in those all-important IT services to ensure that business continues as normal. Why not contact us or visit us in the office and let us help plan your office relocation. Or discuss any other IT solution requirements you may have over a cup of  coffee or tea.

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