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9 July, 2015

A survey published by the education regulator, Ofsted, has revealed that more than a quarter of students at secondary school do not know if they have been taught how to stay safe online.

The report, which covered online safety in education ICT, was presented at the Child Internet Safety Summit in London by David Brown, a ‘Her Majesty’s Inspector’ (HMI). The survey results clearly show the disparity between policies in principle and policies in action. The data was used to reference talks with governors, senior leaders and staff across 45 secondary school and 39 primary school inspections.

Undertaken in March 2015, the report revealed that 5% of schools do not have an e-safety policy in place and where policies are in place almost three quarters of students were not aware of their existence.

Ofsted Safety Issues

It was also identified that over 25% of students did not feel confident in the abilities of their teachers to provide adequate online safety learning resources. It was also felt that inconsistencies in staff training and poor knowledge suggested that child safety issues are often more reactive than proactive.

The report was carried out across all HM Inspectorates with Ofsted using the resulting data to update its landmark 2010 report, ‘The Safe Use of New Technologies.

With assemblies and ICT being the main source of online safety teaching the importance of having a robust eSafety policy in place is only relevant if its contents are delivered to all the school’s stakeholders.

If your school needs assistance in preparing adequate online protection for your students then Ten Ten Systems can help you prepare and deliver a strategy for online child protection.

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