Two in three firms are public cloud users, says new study

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11 April, 2017

Almost two thirds of UK firms (62%) use public cloud when storing data, says Computer Research.

The Rise of Private and Public Cloud Storage

 public cloudThe ‘Data, insight, action – the new imperative’ report, which was released at the recent Computing IT Leaders’ Forum, asserts that 15% of UK businesses use the public cloud when storing all of their data. 34%  are apparently using a combination of the two methods.

The study also revealed that 13% now use a solution called hybrid cloud. This is a form of integrated private and public cloud.

The report proposes that public cloud should adopt an electricity model.

While not unlike the utility computing approach of over 15 years ago, it also suggests that cloud computing is not dissimilar to the industrial revolution.

This revolution, according to the report:

“…drove innovative new use cases and new technologies, which transformed business and consumer processes.”

Recently after, financial investment banker, Morgan Stanley, released a study of its own on the topic. Katy Huberty, an analyst for Morgan Stanley, said:

“As a foundational technology for a broadening set of work, public cloud is driving much broader implementation of existing application workloads, and is enabling the creation of new types of applications.”

Creating a cloud solution for you

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