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23 May, 2017

Today, one of the most complex processes needed to relocate your office, or relocate your officecompany’s offices, is installing the IT infrastructure.

Years ago, the main consideration to relocate an office was the office furniture, such as the chairs, desks and filing cabinets. The only IT to worry about was the telephone system.

Few modern offices can operate without IT infrastructure. While a micro-businesses may only need an internet connection and a telephone system, most SMEs and larger businesses have more complex IT infrastructure requirements.

This means there are plenty of IT concerns to address as part of an office relocation.

5 Tips to Relocate Your Office:

1. Review Your Existing IT Infrastructure

Before relocation, it helps to review your existing IT infrastructure. An office relocation is an ideal time to upgrade and improve your IT – for example, you may want to upgrade your telephone system to VoIP, or move to cloud-based file storage.

2. Plan Your Network Infrastructure and Data Points

Most offices will have a wired or wireless network to connect their workers’ computers, and many have a central server to store all company data files. Workers need access to the network and servers, and data points need to be carefully planned so that all workers can connect their computers to their network and have easy access from their desks.

Careful attention needs to be paid to wiring routes too, so that they are not a safety hazard.

3. Assess Your Internet Requirements

Be sure to find out the fastest speed available in the location. Some rural areas do not have high-speed internet connections available via the telephone lines. So you may need to invest in internet systems based on wireless communications in order to get good internet speeds. You may also have to install wireless access point.

4. Consider Installing CCTV security

Some businesses will need CCTV to protect their premises, or monitor areas where high-value items are stored.

5. Testing

After the installation of the IT infrastructure, allow time to test the systems before the office is fully operational.

We Are Here to Help

IT infrastructure installation planning for an office relocation is a complex issue. At Ten Ten Systems, we can save you time and effort by supplying and installing all your IT infrastructure in your new office.

To find out more, contact us today, or call in at our Chester office.

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