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12 October, 2016

Alan Turing Institute researchers have been granted access to cloud computing, with an award of $5m of Microsoft Azurecloud credits to assist with their data science research.

More than 100 research employees will carry out their work at the Institute, which is a key new data science centre.

Researchers include engineers and computer scientists, machine learning experts, social scientists, mathematicians and statisticians.

Institute director Andrew Blake wrote:

“Cloud services will provide our data scientists with an easily accessible platform where they can prototype ideas with a fast turnaround of results, complementing local computing facilities available in the Institute’s five founding universities, and national resources such as the supercomputer ARCHER supported by EPSRC.”

Research conducted at the Institute will be relevant to security and engineering, and smart cities and financial services.

It will lean on existing elements of learning and inference, mathematical representations, and systems designed to understand human behaviour.

Drawing upon these elements, areas of research will include such computer-intensive subjects as artificial intelligence computing, machine learning, and data analytics at scale.

The Institute was established in 2015 by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and a group of five British universities.

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