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15 May, 2015

A new computer virus has been identified that could prove a nuisance to businesses.

In the world of network security, the constant dangers of infection from outside sources, such as malware, viruses and trojans, have long been a primary focus, but constant vigilance remains important as threats continue to evolve.

A new piece of malware, dubbed ‘Rombertik’, has been described as complex, aggressive and potentially devastating, as it spreads as an email worm and can come from, what look to be, legitimate sources.

Once embedded in a system, it attaches itself to the web browser to monitor and process all of the data that passes through it. This information is then encoded and shared back to a third party.

The sting in its tail is that, once discovered, it self-destructs by corrupting the device’s master boot record. This can render machines totally unusable, with the recovery of data files often taking many hours.

While over 300,000 new samples of malware are being discovered each day, Rombertik’s complexity is proving to be a great publicity campaign for the virtues of robust security measures.

Proper housekeeping by using adequate network security measures should reduce, if not eliminate, the risk, so administrators should always ensure that malware protection is up to date. Regular back-ups should also be made, with security updates providing the signatures that are able to detect and block any activity that poses a threat.

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