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11 August, 2017

An American school headteacher has cited lighter backpacks and the need for fewerApple devices - how to improve the learning experience lockers as key reasons for making Apple devices available to all students.

Allen Smithers, headmaster of Presbyterian Christian School (PCS) in Mississippi, wants his students to take advantage of technology on an individual basis. Each student is to receive a Apple device to assist them with their studies for the coming academic year.

PCS is now one of only a few Mississippi schools exclusively deploying Apple devices. The scheme was first proposed after meeting with graduates from the school. When they informed them how their professors computerised all their work.

Students from Kindergarten through to fourth grade will receive an iPad. When the student leaves for the day, the devices will remain on the school premises.

While those in grades five and six will also receive an iPad, which they can also use at home. Students in grades seven to twelve will receive a MacBook Air that they can keep at all times.

Talking to The Hattiesburg American, Smithers said:

“They’re not going to have that 300-pound backpack — they’re not going to have any books to carry. The only thing they’ll have in their backpack is their Apple device, a few notebooks (for writing) and some pencils.

“Our vision was — the lockers we’ve put in — we would have no need for them.”

Smithers believes that the scheme will delight both teachers and students. He feels that, should a student be unable to work out calculations, for example. They could either watch video lessons to help them, or even work it out on their teacher’s iPad. Furthermore, the entire class could share the problem solving by viewing it via Apple TV.

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