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29 March, 2017

Back in 2016, firms saw an increase in ransomware attacks in three different security systems ways.

SMEs with inadequate security systems were mostly affected, with 42% attacked over 12 months.

Out of the business surveyed, one in three of those businesses (32%) paid the ransom.  However, one out of five who paid were still not given access to the data that was stolen, and spent weeks trying to regain access. The most shocking fact is that two-thirds (67%) of companies lost their data.

These figures suggest that your business could well become a target, so it is important for you to protect your most valuable data.  Could you carry on operating your business if you lost data such as orders, accounts and customer details? We have tried to identify three of the best ways to protect yourself from ransomware.

Ensure your employees are keeping their eye out for any suspicious emails

Large numbers of workers are falling prey to phishing emails. A Verizon study from 2016 showed that people opened 30% of all such messages. Businesses need to look at regular training session for staff so that they can recognise such emails in an effort to reduce the potential for infection.

Update security systems

Security systems require regular updates.  Microsoft releases regular software updates via Windows Update. These updates perform a number of functions, they can add new features and design changes. But they can provide security fixes to protect customers against the most recent threats.  If you don’t update your machine, then it could be vulnerable to future cyber attacks.

Users have the option to install updates automatically, so that you don’t have to worry about installing them manually.

Back up your data

Security updates are not always enough when it comes to keeping up with ransomware.  A solution that enables you to back up your data in an on-site appliance, or better yet, an off-site backup to a private cloud, would help to cut down on the recovery time for important data.

At Ten Ten Systems, we provide a cloud computing solution to all types of disaster recovery. We help businesses transition to the most secure solution to give them the peace of mind needed.

If you need any help and advice to ensure that you are protected we will be happy to help, contact us.

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