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3 September, 2015

An increasing number of firms are adopting the cloud, figures show.

A survey recently conducted by the British Chambers of Commerce and BT Business revealed a year-on-year rise of 15% among SMBs in the UK, with the current figure at 69%. The survey also reported that over 50% of those who responded regard cloud as vital in promoting business flexibility.

Application development house All Things Code uses the cloud to host all of its apps, and it is now the foundation of its entire IT infrastructure.

The company’s director and cofounder, Dan Harding, sees the benefit of the technology not only for his own firm, but for others too. He told CloudTech:

“I think all of these cloud-based systems [have] given a startup business enterprise facilities at sensible prices, so we’d get a huge leg up with regards to not having to wait five years before we can buy the real kit and the proper software systems.”

Harding added that the transition to the cloud was not a difficult decision for a number of reasons. He believes that it gives his business added credibility, as the equivalent technology would have been out of its reach financially.

Cloud computing remains relatively new technology to SMBs, but one that such firms would do well to recognise. At Ten Ten Systems, we can implement the cloud with your infrastructure and make your business run more efficiently. By implementing it sooner rather than later, you will ensure that your firm doesn’t fall behind its competitors.

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