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9 August, 2015

Cloud-based technology and smartphones are changing how UK SMEs are operating in business, reveals a new survey by the British Chambers of Commerce and BT Business.

From the 319 firms that were surveyed, 69% said that they were already employing cloud computing to enable employees to access data remotely. Further, 53% said that the technology is crucial when it comes to maintaining the modern working practices that they have been accustomed to.

Employees on average use six cloud-based technologies every month, with 79% of those surveyed anticipating an increase in demand over the next year. Further, 83% of firms surveyed prefer cloud apps to those on conventional computers, indicating that newer software design is more user friendly.

Cloud Computing

BT Business MD for SMEs in the UK, Danny Longbottom, said:

“Technology is at the heart of a lot of the dramatic changes we’re seeing within the UK SME market – whether that’s offering the realistic possibility of working from home, increasing the effectiveness of people when they’re out of the office or opening up new markets, both in the UK and internationally.”

The Office for National Statistics reports that 2.4mn employees worked remotely in the three months immediately following the law being passed. This makes up close to 14% of the country’s workforce.

The web-based economy is valued at £28bn in the UK, which demonstrates the increasing role technology is playing in the modern world, both personally and professionally. As home and work life is becoming more integrated, cloud computing is certainly a positive for both homeworkers and freelancers, as well as SMEs, and we pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions here at Ten Ten Systems.

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