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18 May, 2015

A recent poll conducted by the serviced office provider Regus has found that 85% of senior employees have been enabled to work remotely with the help of new technology.

Operating from home or on the move was once a rare opportunity offered mainly to sales teams, but, with advances in IT services, cloud computing and network security, remote working is now available to all. Traditionally a barrier, the ability to access files both safely and securely has apparently been resolved, with 64% of the 4,000 respondents using Dropbox, 37% Google Drive and 25% Microsoft Remote Desktop.

The biggest change in the remote working evolution has been the cost effectiveness of providing employees with cloud applications. It was found that 81% of those surveyed accessed office software online from a remote location.

The UK CEO of Regus, Richard Morris, commented:

“More and more businesses are offering staff the opportunity to work remotely at least occasionally. Online tools are helping to overcome some of the hurdles traditionally associated with working from outside of the office, such as feeling out of touch with colleagues, or being unable to access documents.”

Those who argue against altering the traditional office set-up have always maintained that to be out of sight is to be out of mind. However, by establishing a reliable Voice over IP system and instant messaging service, we at Ten Ten Systems believe that employees can demonstrate availability and connectivity. About 58% were found by Regus to have utilised Skype for these elements of their work, with WhatsApp (48%), Facebook Messenger (47%) and Viber (12%) also being used.

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