Tablet deliveries decline, Wi-Fi hotspots rise

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1 February, 2016

The fall of annual tablet deliveries reached double figures in 2015, an all-time worst decline, according to market intelligence provider, TrendForce.

The company’s latest report on tablet deliveries reveals that 168.5m tablets were delivered in 2015, a 12.2% fall from the previous year. The gradual decline of the tablet market worldwide has turned into a trend.

Further, Juniper Research conducted a new study which estimates that, by 2017, a minimum of one third of home routers will take on the form of Wi-Fi hotspots. It also predicts that there will be 366 of these dual-use routers installed worldwide, by 2021.

The study claimed that these ‘homespot’ routers will create dual wireless networks, with only a firewall separating them. It says that one network will be designated for private use, with the other a public hotspot by broadband operators.

Finally, market research firm Gartner predicts that 90% of large companies will have a head data officer in place by the year, 2019.

Gartner vice president of research, Mario Faria, said:

“Business leaders are starting to grasp the huge potential of digital business, and demanding a better return on their organisations’ information assets and use of analytics.

“It’s a logical step to create an executive position – the CDO – to handle the many opportunities and responsibilities that arise from industrial-scale collection and harnessing of data.”

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