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12 August, 2015

Tobii, the Swedish hardware firm behind the development of eye-tracking and eye control technology, is tempting developers by offering $1m to see its tools implemented into games.

The ‘Boost to the Big Time’ scheme from Tobii is targeting studios developing PC games, no matter if the game is on a large or small scale with no restrictions being placed on where the game is to be published, according to a report from videogame development website GamaSutra.

Tobii will buy advanced copies of a developer’s game in order for it to be included with hardware for the PC. Further, there will be opportunities for promotion, not only with Tobii but also its partners, at trade shows and through the press.

The company wrote that by using their ‘EyeX Dev Kit’, developers can integrate fantastically immersive experiences into their games through the use of innovations eye-tracking and eye control technology.

The industry leader added:

“The Boost to the Big Time offers strong potential to innovate, global game distribution, stellar marketing opportunities, cash payments and development support for those developers and studios that show superior creativity and promise in bringing PC gaming to the next level with Tobii eye-tracking.”

Tobii clearly believes that its technology can make a difference to the consumer experience. However, businesses too, can make better use of available technology, as well as up and coming innovations such as cloud computing.

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