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18 October, 2015

Schools all over the world are about to undergo significant changes. Presently, we are walking a tightrope between an image of 19th century traditional teaching and a more innovative approach. This new approach is set to benefit from the rise of technology. As a way of focusing on core skills that will equip learners for tomorrow’s workplace.

In 2014, schools were being asked to teach coding to children. To ensure that pupils were able to both grasp and apply basic computer science concepts and principles.  As opposed to restricting learning to intensive Microsoft Office. Some members of the teaching industry found the move too big a leap. Although the computing industry, perhaps unsurprisingly, view the move as necessary. This highlights the gap that remains between the two industries.

The Flipped Classroom in schools

The change is a small one compared to what we may yet see. However, it is clear technology in the classroom can completely overhaul both the curriculum and teaching styles. So far, changes in technology have resulted in the new methods in teaching like the ‘flipped classroom’.  The ‘flipped classroom’ changes the role of the teachers to that of a guide. With classes being turned into videos, this allows students to watch lectures at a pace that suits them. Communication between learners and teachers takes place online, with homework completed at school.

Sudbury Primary School IT head, Mohammed Telbany, said that the new approach has:

“…Surprised the teachers that the kids can excel on their own, with minimal teaching intervention.”

At Ten Ten Systems, we not only embrace technology in the classroom but also provide solutions such as cloud computing to make education as sufficient and as seamless as possible. If you are looking to improve the technology is your school. Then why not call or visit us at our Chester office.

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