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20 September, 2017

The use of technology in schools is now standard practice. With teachers and parents alike seeing the advantages when it comes to the education of children. Whether they are in or out of the classroom, educational apps improve the learning rate of children.

Why are Educational Apps Important?

Learning apps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes! Providing for children of all ages and abilities. They cover a range of topics such as maths, reading, writing, and even foreign languages. The flexibility of educational apps means they can work on a range tablets or smartphones. Allowing for the range of devices used outside the classroom.

Tablets are a common sight in schools and the use for educational apps is a natural progression of this. They enable schools to reduce the amount of paper and resources being used while simplifying classroom tasks. Teachers use tablets to take the register and monitor student assignments, while allowing students to enhance their core subject skills, give presentations and note take.

The choice of educational apps has increased in the last the few years, leaving many confused over which the best app for their needs. To help, we have complied our top 3 advantages to consider when looking at apps.

Three Advantages of Educational Apps

1. Remote Learning
Learning away from the classroom not only helps students to progress faster, but also improve their ability to use technology. The apps can even be used during school holidays, so your child is constantly learning new things.

2. Education and Entertainment
Apps combine education with entertainment, so that children can enjoy the learning process. This laid-back attitude can help students to reduce the stress they may feel about learning in a school environment. This will therefore increase their learning capabilities, as children are more likely to take in and remember information when they feel relaxed.

3. Better Communication
Using educational apps could mean better communication between parent and child, as they can attempt to complete tasks together. This can help to improve parent-child bonds, as well as boost the child’s self esteem.

Apps for Children Aged 2 to 5

● Fish School – Children can use this app to learn about numbers, letters, shapes and colours. The bright colours and calming music combination will be sure to capture any child’s attention. Colourful fish fill the screen and form various sequences, and Fish School challenges young children to evaluate which fish does not belong in a sequence. This therefore improves deductive skills. As well as this, the app is also completely free.

● LumiKids – Enhance your child’s visual and motor skills with this interactive app. Fun-looking characters will squirm, run, and jump around the screen. During this, children must pay attention to click on them when prompted and assess where they are hiding – this enhances their divided attention skills. This app is also completely free.

Apps for Children Aged 6 to 12

● Grammaropolis – This application teaches children the basics of grammar, from nouns, to verbs, to adjectives. The basic package comes only with ‘nouns’; all other packages must be purchased in-app.

● Todo Math – Learn basic math skills with a fun, interactive design. Browse through more than 700 activities in order to hone in on your child’s math skills. The basic form of this app is completely free, though upgrades are available.

Apps for Children Aged 13 to 18

● edX – edX provides free, online courses from the world’s leading teaching establishments. Users can read full lectures, courses, and assessments on almost any given topic. As well as this, the app provides a plethora of news articles to entertain students for hours. This app’s content is offered for free.

● Quizlet – Access literally millions of flashcard sets, or even create your own! Quizlet allows students to customise their learning to suit their needs, with thousands of topics to choose from. There is a reason that it is known as the leading education app. Quizlet also offers its services for free.

Apps for All Ages

● Duolingo – Learn languages, completely free. Duolingo offers some of the best online language learning possibilities, and supports 23 different languages. The app boasts the title of Apple iPhone App of the Year, and has a user-friendly interface to suit.

● Khan Academy – Learn almost anything with Khan Academy’s archive of educational videos and explanations. The app covers a range of topics, from maths, to history, and more.

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