Three common ROI failures in the cloud, and how to avoid them

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3 June, 2016

We’re big fans of cloud security, but if it isn’t taken seriously in your business, you will fail to get the expected return. That is also the case with factors such as operational costs and targeting.

Some common mistakes made with the cloud can lead to ROI failure, but these can all be easily avoided:

1. You’re late to the security party

Security is central to anything that revolves around the cloud. Cloud designers need to ensure that they are considering security at each stage in the design. Such considerations include requirements, migration, design, operations and testing.

2. Incorrect cloud mapping

You need to have a thorough understanding of target clouds in order to make good decisions over where applications and data should be in place, in addition to knowing how to make proper use of these services.

To get the most out of the club, be sure to do your planning and research

3. A failure to analyse operational costs

You could find yourself investing more money in the public cloud than in your company data centre. This occurs when you don’t know what running certain workloads will cost during operations in the public cloud.

Any company using cloud computing needs to have a system that employs both analytics and cost monitoring. Many businesses feel that such elements are surplus to business requirements, but this attitude is a fatal mistake.

At Ten Ten Systems, we ensure that our clients have everything they need for a fully successful transition to the cloud so that not only is communication made easier, but ROI increases too.

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