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23 November, 2015

Apps World sees a number of venture investors, industry representatives, entrepreneurs, and startups from various countries come together for conversations on technology trends, and apps in particular. Here are three that particularly caught the eye:

1. Swytch

Swytch enables users to send and receive both calls and text messages through multiple mobile numbers.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices, with users being able to register a new phone number in under one minute. This can help them in a number of ways, such as using a temporary number, or having one number for personal use and another for business purposes.

2. Droiders

Apps have a more widespread use than simply for smartphones; they’re also needed to be designed for both new and up-and-coming platforms, including AR technologies and wearables. Droiders focuses on streaming apps for the latter of these.

Further, as pioneers in Google Glass, Droiders has developed the Streye suit, which enables remote expertise and collaboration by employing smart glass.

3. eBank

IT plans to develop rapidly deployable apps for banks by helping them to make core banking available to customers, simultaneously improving customer interaction and cutting costs.

The innovation, which is centred around user-experience, includes apps across wearables, in addition to mobile banking and voice.

Apps play a major role in businesses today but that doesn’t mean that more traditional IT services don’t still have a huge role to play. At Ten Ten Systems, we offer such services as website design and networking services to businesses that want to take that next step to becoming more accessible and automated.

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