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12 June, 2015

As the demand for Voice Over IP telephony continues to expand across mobile technology, the focus remains on delivering cost effective and innovative solutions. These are just three of the most current trends in this competitive sector.

1. Social media

When Facebook purchased the popular communication tool of WhatsApp, it opened up an enormous market for its already burgeoning VoIP offering. Facebook Messenger had a market share of over 10% of VoIP mobile calls made globally, but the customer base of 450 million users added in the acquisition of WhatsApp for $16bn has only strengthened its position and left social media very much at the forefront of the evolution of VoIP.

2. Voiceover Wi-Fi

Mobile service operators are beginning to embrace call connectivity over Wi-Fi networks to enable users to make use of VoIP without denting their call or data allowances. The technology is available but service providers, previously reluctant to relinquish their monopoly on call usage, have begun to acknowledge the benefits of incorporating this service into their packages allowing users to make the most of VoIP over Wi-Fi.

3. Bundling VoIP

As VoIP continues to evolve and mobile services providers are beginning to offer more and more data packages, the sector is reflecting the fact that voice plans are declining as a result of VoIP. By bundling apps such as VoIP within their existing packages mobile operators hope to attract the changing landscape of customer experience.

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