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18 August, 2015

A number of the most remote tribal communities in the world will experience the latest communications technology thanks to a new initiative form Survival International.

Tribal Voice is unlike any other initiative and enables tribal communities that don’t have access to the internet to send messages by video about how they live and their survival struggles to worldwide audiences.

Brazil’s Yanomami and Guarani tribes are both involved in the scheme.

Mariazinha, from the Yanomami tribe, said, in what was the first Tribal Voice broadcast:

“Today the communications equipment arrived and I am very happy … If we see illegal goldminers on our land, or if outsiders try to kill us, I will be able to let everybody know … We’ll be able to communicate with people who live far away.”

The Yanomami tribe is South America’s largest semi-isolated tribe. Illegal goldminers are a real threat to not only their environment by polluting their streams, but their lives through various diseases.

Tribal Voice plans to give a voice to tribal peoples in an environment which faces suppression from multinationals and governments who are making a bid to prevent them from talking. The scheme will enable them to offer their opinions on how they live and their hopes for the future.

This project is a great example of how technology can improve worldwide communication. Of course, technology also continues to play a big part commercially, enabling both businesses and consumers to not only communicate more efficiently but to constantly improve production. Ten Ten Systems offers numerous technologies to businesses in the UK.

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