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24 March, 2017

Intel Security conducted a study that surveyed more than 2,000 IT professionals. The results showed that IT teams in the UK are more risk-averse than other countries with regards to cloud adoption.

This is partly due to an increasing shortage of skills. Nearly a quarter (24%) of UK businesses say that having the right capabilities in the workforce would improve cloud adoption. Closing the skills gap is therefore paramount.

The report states that just 70% of businesses in the UK have adopted ‘cloud-first’ mindsets, as opposed to 80% worldwide. Furthermore, they rank last when it comes to allowing their company’s public cloud services to hold sensitive data. Only 7% said that they stored such data in the cloud, compared to the 25% global average.

Intel Security’s CTO EMEA, Raj Samani, said that many organisations worldwide are becoming more comfortable with a cloud-based approach. He stated:

“The desire to move quickly toward cloud computing appears to be on the agenda for most organisations. This year, the average time before respondents thought their IT budgets would be 80% cloud-based was 15 months, indicating that cloud first for many companies is progressing and remains the objective.”

Why Is Cloud Adoption Important?

Probably the most noteworthy aspect of cloud computing is that it protects against data loss. Once you prepare a backup, you can simply restore your information from a previous save point. This therefore ensures your business continuity in the event of a disaster.

What’s more, storing your data in the cloud is cheaper than storing it on your network, as you can just pay for the amount of storage that you need.

At Ten Ten Systems, we work over any reservations that businesses may have with regards to embracing cloud computing, ensuring that it is right for them before they make the transition. We have assisted numerous businesses in helping them to move over to the cloud, with our customer support helping them every step of the way.

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