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25 September, 2018

Time is money and when it comes to running a business, communication is crucial to success. With so many forms of communications and platforms out there,have you got the right products to help you run your business? Here we look at what is unified communications and how businesses can benefit.

Unified communications refers to a group of communications systems that work together intuitively using common interfaces. In the early days unified communications was primarily telephone-based systems which included interoffice lines, voicemail boxes and call control. However, with the popularity of high-speed internet as part of business operations, the requirements of unified communications have changed. Today’s modern communications systems work in real and non-real-time, require unified communications to be flexible and reliable. Instant messaging, video conferencing, desktop sharing, data exchange, presence notifications have become important parts of real-time customer service, mobile device technology, collaboration tools, and consumer chat services. Non-real-time systems such as email and fax data are also components of a functional unified communications setup.

6 Benefits of Unified Communications

Unified communications aims to make business operations simple with an all-in-one solution for all communication systems. By using a unified system, access to a range of functions such as instant message, audio calls and video conferencing can be made quick and easy. But with so many options out there, where do you start? To help we have compiled a list of 6 benefits to consider:


Having instant access to available staff can help resolve issues and queries faster, saving you time and money. Unified communications apps like 8×8’s Virtual Office allows you to communicate with your staff whether they are at a customer site, at different office or working from home. You can also access business contacts and make secure business calls from anywhere.

Better Conference Calls

95% of people in the work force believe face to face interactions help build long term relationships. Traditional meetings are not always possible and having a great conference call facility will not only help with customer relations but also with team building. Using tools like  8 x 8’s Virtual Office Meetings lets you schedule and initiate meetings from your desktop or your mobile. So that you can get on with making that next sale!


Today, millennials no longer want to work just in the office, they want the flexibility to work wherever they choose. Having systems to accommodate the work ethic of millennials can be beneficial by preparing your business for the unexpected such as adverse weather conditions. By giving millennials systems to work from anywhere you can be rest assured that your business does not suffer from any downtime, even in the event of a disaster.


Give credit where credit is due. Make life easy and get the analytics you need to ensure you get the right information. 8 x 8 offers a range of analytics packages from call centres to management they have got it covered. Users can gain insight into historical and real-time information associated with all extensions and devices in an organisation’s Virtual Office phone system.

Gives you call control

When someone contacts you, whatever the reason you can ensure that the journey they take is as streamline as possible – limiting on holds or transfers. Setting your customers’ expectations.

Saving time and money

When you start looking for your unified communications solution, take the opportunity to review your current methods of communications. You may be using platforms with high running costs or that are no longer in use. Also check to see whether the system you choose integrates with any platforms you currently use: like instant messaging, fax machine, video conferencing devices, CRM and web applications. As this will reduce the likelihood of any unexpected downtime and expenditures. Finally, reduce your admin work by using one unified communications vendor and get one monthly bill.

How can I get Unified Communications?

At Ten Ten Systems, we work with our clients to provide unified communication solutions best suited to their needs. With the aim of improving communication within the workplace and the business itself. Learn more about our unified communications solutions and our other telephony services on our website. Or contact our telephony experts to discuss how we can help bring a unified communication solution to your organisation.

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