EPoS Tills

epos tillsThe Benefits of an EPoS Tills System

EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems are used mainly in the service sectors to improve productivity. This is because of their range of uses, such as stock management, product look-up, and cash control. You can use EPoS tills to print out receipts for customers, too.

PoS systems feature a graphical user interface that is easily customised. This therefore reduces staff training times, as the information on the screen will be easier to understand and use.

As well as this, you can re-arrange the screens for better access. You can even assign stock quantities to certain products so that you can see when they are running low.

How We Can Help You

Here at Ten Ten Systems, we are able to offer a full point of sale solution.

We can assist you with the supply of hardware and software, installation, configuration and support of an individual EPoS system for you restaurant or store. Most PoS software will run on leading manufacturer terminals, such as IBM, Sharp and Toshiba. If your terminal is not compatible, we can assist you in choosing an upgrade.

Our expertise in all things IT will make sure that your EPoS tills look exactly the way you want them. We offer a highly personal service, therefore we aim to deliver whatever result you are after.

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