We have the cloud, so why is data still being lost?

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1 February, 2017

About a year ago, a study from TechTargetwhy is data still being lost when there is cloud computing available revealed that 41% of companies were planning to increase their spending on cloud computing during 2016. So, why is data still being lost? The research by Techtarget revealed a number of factors. One of the most interesting, while small businesses consider the cloud most suitable. The research suggests the responsibility for this thought is actually large and medium-sized companies.

Certainly, 2016 had seen cloud computing go from strength to strength. But we continue to hear stories of data not only falling into the wrong hands and sometimes this data is ‘lost’ altogether.

A growing shift towards storing data in a more flexible and secure way is evident. So why is data disappearing before companies’ eyes? In a way that seems out of keeping with this digital, on-demand age?

American data solutions company Kroll Ontrack was keen to find out why, and at the start of the year, it set out a survey targeting companies that had suffered data loss.

Why is data still being lost?

A key problem made evident by the study was restoring data when moving between devices or updating systems. And although the majority (57%) had a back-up in place. It still often resulted in difficulty retrieving all data. An estimated quarter (23%) of all cases report the loss of all data.

While 22% of cases highlighted hardware failure as the problem. Similar percentages were due to user error (22%) and unexpected events (21%). What seems notable in these statistics is that human error can play major role.

While technology is increasingly sophisticated, it is still dependent on a human instigator. In busy workplaces, it is not uncommon for staff to simply think they have backed up a system correctly. When in actual fact they have done it wrong or not at all.

To free up time in the workplace, many businesses large and small turn to us for managed or ad hoc support, ensuring their data is being backed up and protected by experts in the field.

Data is expanding at an exponential rate and with stories of cyber crime increasingly rife. Making sure data security is a priority for your business in 2017. To learn more about what we can offer you here at Ten Ten Systems. Why not get in touch or call in at our Chester office? and see how one of our friendly experts can help.

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