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19 April, 2021

Over the last decade IT has changed immeasurably but one constant remains – you need to have a good backup service. In fact, more so than ever before with the ongoing threats from cyber criminals.

Backup Service Evolution

Over time the way we backup has evolved! From floppy disks, to tapes, then to larger tapes, then to Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices and then to the cloud.

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Backup Services Evolve

Life was simpler back in the days of tapes, but it could be time consuming. The backup of the data would take place overnight and in the morning the tape changed. There would be some days it worked and some days it didn’t. If the backup failed and you didn’t have a spare tape, you ordered a new one and waited for it to arrive. You then had to introduce it into the backup routine which could utilise in excess of 10 tapes. Finally, you had to remember to take the tape off site. Of course, all the while you were hoping that nothing bad would happen.

Fast forward to today and data backup is a completely different. As data volumes continue to increase so have backup service requirements. The need for faster access and larger capacity devices has increased to keep up with these demands. Not just to store the live data, but to hold the backups of this data too. Backup routines have also changed, overnight backups are not enough for the volume of data generated daily. Neither is the once-a-day routine, as it no longer gives the versioning control that modern backups offer, and modern business workflows require.

To meet the data volume and data throughput requirements, NAS devices are used to host backup data onsite. This allows for the backup software to trickle constant changes to the NAS device throughout the day and keep end-user intervention to a minimum.

Threats Evolve

Viruses started out as a “sport” for hackers to cause disruption and misery for end-users. In the recent years, these so-called cyber-criminals have not only fine-tuned their skills but are marketing their ransomware toolkits on the dark web. Which means any wannabe hacker can join the legion of cyber criminals already out there. Furthermore, with the advent of ransomware, threat technology has become more dangerous. Ransomware is cryptovirology malware and specifically targets their victim’s sensitive corporate data. It perpetually blocks access to corporate data until the victim pays the ransom. The WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware attacks back in 2017 alerted the public to the impact of ransomware attacks have.

As malware becomes more sophisticated, it continues to evolve, so does the difficulty in recovering from an attack increase. We regularly see cases where the malware not only encrypts the live data, but it also renders the backups useless by encrypting those as well. Which is why your backup service needs careful consideration.

Backup Services Evolves Again

The battle between good and evil in IT has raged for ages. Anti-virus software versus viruses, Anti-Spam solutions versus Spam email, but now the battle shifts to backups. With this shift it is vital that you consider where you store your data backups. Holding your data onsite even on a separate device from your server, is not going to keep you safe if a threat gets in. Maintain your cyber hygiene and keep threats out by educating and disciplining staff. Introduce sophisticated gateway hardware solutions. But make sure the security permissions are correct and you apply the latest security patches. One thing is clear, if the bad guys get in, you need a solid, dependable backup service!

Backup Services: Let’s look at the options

Holding your backup NAS on site is great for those times when you need a quick recovery of a deleted file. Of course, it will not help if your hardware is physically damaged (because the location is the same office) or if it is affected by ransomware (because it is on the same network).

The options? Supplement your onsite backup with offsite data backup – even if it is only a subset of your critical data. So, if the bad guys get in you have the option to recover your data. If you are a Microsoft 365 user then take advantage of their backup solutions. You can protect your business against data loss, such as accidental deletion and any data retention requirements.

We can help you by offering a full range of backup solutions. We consider the amount of data you have, the hardware you already have in place and the speed at which you would need to have your data restored. Speak our experts today if you need further assistance.

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