Why a disaster recovery plan is important for today’s SME

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6 June, 2016

With any new business, there are a number of questions that need to be answered, and one of the main considerations that always arises is how to protect it.

It’s imperative that businesses take the necessary steps towards implementing the level of protection needed to ensure that business operations are maintained as smoothly as possible. Many businesses have thus looked to disaster recovery in a bid to ensure that the relevant protection is in place.

A disaster recovery plan is essentially a strategy developed by a business owner/s or the relevant staff within the company on how to react in the event of a disaster. While an overall disaster recovery plan may include damage to the building structure, one of the main concerns in the digital era is how it affects our computer systems and data. Such a plan includes all steps taken in a bid to not only exercise damage control, but to provide confidence to customers that any issues will be resolved as quickly as possible and that business operations will continue to resume.

An effective disaster recovery plan can only be developed once business practices have undergone a thorough review, and will focus on carrying out the necessary steps that will bring out optimal results in the event of a disaster.

At Ten Ten Systems, we get to know our clients so that we are in a position to provide a customised plan and ensure that disruption to business operations is as minimal as possible, enabling the business owner to concentrate on sales, marketing and other vital areas of business.

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