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19 September, 2016

Services like cloud computing and VoIP have catapulted us into a world where the office can work around us rather than the other way around. With online forms of storage more prevalent and the Internet of Things coming to the fore, the need to physically connect digital appliances is lessening.

Despite this, offices often remain strangely attached (quite literally) to cables and wires. Keyboards, mice and phones frequently have wires trailing from them, limiting their movement and using up desk space. Furthermore, we’re still expected to use specific accessories to connect one device to another.

Apple, despite its undoubted innovation, is notorious for this in some people’s eyes. Having introduced a new shape of charger for the iPhone 5 in 2012, it has now been confirmed that the new iPhone 7 will have no headphone jack, meaning an adapter will be needed to make traditional headphones compatible with it.

These multiple wires, cables and adapters restrict businesses, hindering flexibility and leaving them with unneeded inventory. Could the day come when all this physical connectivity is no longer required?

The way to wireless

Wireless networking may seem daunting to many companies, but it’s important to remember that products built with wireless in mind are designed to meet constantly evolving standards. You can read about the game changing 802.11ac protocol of 2012 in this article, and September should see the approval of 802.11ah, allowing high-speed data to be sent using relatively little power.

The unwieldiness of wires could ultimately be what leads to us moving on from them. Apple, in its defence of the lack of headphone jack, argues that the move will help the phone become waterproof, and is encouraging the development of wireless headphone that would render both the jack and adapter redundant. If physical connectivity becomes more cumbersome and less adaptable, we may increasingly question why we are still ‘plugging in’ to devices at all.

At Ten Ten Systems, we firmly believe that the time has come for all businesses to take themselves beyond the confines of the physical office, which is why we’re always keen to introduce them to our cloud, VoIP and mobile communications solutions.

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