Why do SMEs use managed print services?

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27 March, 2016

A print management service puts businesses in the driving seat when it comes to soft and hard printing expenses. By helping to cut down on the number of pages printed, in addition to overseeing the document production fleet, administrators, business owners, and office staff can focus on the task at hand, rather than concerns over printing.

This technique not only cuts the cost of document equipment ownership for small to medium sized businesses, but also improves operational efficiency and user satisfaction.

Print management employs the most effective technology today and makes it work across all sectors. By utilising advances in the technological landscape, businesses benefit from integrated technology, which helps them to manage clients and other in-office tasks.

When a business tallies up the cost of printing documents, it soon becomes evident that paper and ink are not the only costs involved. A Hewlett-Packard commissioned study found that other costs include help calls, purchasing and consumable sticking, physical space, printed output volume, and administration and finance.

Benefits of managed print include productivity and cost assessments of current printing and imaging environment, improved workflows and streamlined document-intensive processes, and auto supplies fulfilment that simplifies supplies and procurement, as well as cuts down on cost of stocking inventory.

At Ten Ten Systems, among our range of IT services, we offer managed print services to businesses operating in the UK. We are an OKI Gold Partner, which enables us to pass on the benefits of this worldwide B2B brand that specialises in professional in-house and cost effective printing solutions.

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