Do you have sufficient firewall protection?

When was the last time you reviewed your firewall protection? If more than 12 months Firewall protection have passed, there is a strong chance your business is at risk. With hackers and spammers increasingly sophisticated, it is important to make sure your firewall arrangements continue to evolve to guard against new threats.

What is a firewall?

A firewall protects your computer system against unauthorised access and malicious attack. It essentially sits between your computer and the internet, filtering information from unsecured, unknown or suspicious locations.

There are two types – hardware firewalls and software firewalls and organisations usually set up both.

Hardware firewalls should be used to protect your IT network. They are sometimes bought as a stand-alone product but are also found in many broadband routers nowadays. Not all hardware firewalls are the same, the right solution will depend upon the size and nature of your business and your overall IT set-up.

Software firewalls, as the name suggests, are installed on every computer as a further precaution. They often form part of your operating system or your security suite. You can configure software firewalls to your specific requirements to manage file sharing, privacy controls and web filtering.

Why is firewall protection important?

A firewall acts as a protective barrier between your IT system and risky or unsavoury content on the internet. A correctly configured system will protect your business from:

• Unwanted content being accessed or viewed from your work computers
• Unauthorised remote access (a favourite of hackers and scammers)
• Messages which link to unwanted or risky content such as viruses

What is involved in maintaining your firewall?

Your firewall will need to be tested and updated on a regular basis to ensure robust protection for your IT system. Software firewall installations can usually be updated through regular operating system updates. You will need to review the security provided by your hardware firewall on a regular basis to ensure it remains fit for purpose. It is also important to check that your hardware firewall is connected and working correctly through regular maintenance procedures.

Let us help

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