Why haven’t all companies moved to the cloud?

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2 June, 2016

Cloud computing has very obvious benefits, such as limiting the number of IT services a company is using and thereby minimising costs, but a WinMagic survey from the latter half of last year recorded that 42% of UK employees never use it. In one way, it’s impressive that this relatively modern idea is now used by more than half of employees – and that 41% of them use it every week – but why haven’t all companies made the shift?

Some companies may cite security fears, and the idea that data is being looked after by a third party, but should remember that this has benefits too. With a professional cloud computing company, you can minimise the threat of ‘insider’ attacks, meaning that there is less risk of employees misusing data.

Others may worry about what to do should they have a problem, envisaging a scenario where their cloud storage fails and there is no support available. Again, a responsible provider will always be contactable by phone or email should a problem rear its head.

Additionally, the WinMagic survey shows that an incredible 65% of employees don’t know their company’s policy on cloud storage, suggesting that even if the facility is there, some employees have simply not been trained to use it. With a little more employer-employee interaction, companies could really make the most of the cloud.

Whatever reservations you may have about cloud computing, we’re confident that we can reassure you of its virtue. Why not contact us at Ten Ten Systems to find out what it can do for you?

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