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16 December, 2015

Email plays a big role in a business’s day-to-day customer service, as well as marketing strategy, and the original form of the cloud remains significant. Office 365 provides numerous benefits, specifically in saving money by transitioning from a service such as Microsoft Exchange to Office 365, and improving production within a business.

Having every one of a business’s staff email accounts on the cloud saves on management, maintenance and support. Firms such as Google and Microsoft are the companies maintaining the servers, as well as performing all updates and patches, without costing a penny. Perhaps the number one advantage of adopting Office 365, however, is that all changes to the email system are obvious to end users, which saves training time and money.

Further, the initial cost of adopting the cloud is offset over time. When each of a firm’s employees are integrated into the cloud, the operating cost falls significantly.

Cloud providers are educating businesses on the workings of email systems. There are an increasing number of companies offering cloud services, with many potential clients realising the advantages of moving their email system to the cloud.

At Ten Ten Systems, we offer a cloud computing service that brings businesses, whether SMEs or global enterprises, in line with the very latest in technology. We believe that the cloud can evolve our clients’ day-to-day operations and provide them with more time to focus on the larger tasks, to the point where growth and expansion can be realised sooner and with more ease.

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