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5 October, 2016

Despite all of the advice that has been given to businesses, it remains an issue that far too few are acting upon that adviceand implementing sufficient network security.

This could be for any number of reasons, such as cost, a lack of awareness among staff as to the dangers, or complacency whereby a business assumes that simply because it hasn’t been breached so far, it’s unlikely ever to happen.

There are many forms of attacking a network, such as:


Hackers exploit flaws and vulnerabilities in computer systems or networks. Primary motives among hackers vary, but compromising or stealing company data is the most common, as well as causing embarrassment, or simply wearing their achievement as a badge of honour.


The virus is installed on a particular program and typically makes its way around multiple computer systems. Viruses can cause all sorts of problems, from slightly irritating symptoms to catastrophic data erasure.

Dos (Denial of Service)

The intention behind such an attack is to inhibit or turn off a network service, if not the entire network. Often, this is carried out by using bogus requests to overwhelm the target machine in order for genuine requests to be ignored, which results in the service being unusable. Often, the targets are emails servers or web servers, especially those managed by large commercial organisations.

There are many more examples of threats to network security. At Ten Ten Systems, we make network security as simple as possible to both understand and integrate into the typical daily routine of our clients, so that working life can continue as normal, but with safety significantly boosted.

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