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3 June, 2019

Windows 10 has been around for a few years now. If, like many, you are still using Windows 7, then the clock is ticking and now is the time to be thinking about your next operating system.

So why haven’t you moved?

Whatever your reason, whether it is because you don’t like change, you don’t know which if any devices are on Windows 7 or are you just too busy, you are not alone. For many, the thought of a move to a new operating system gives them nightmares with the possibility of what could go wrong. On the other hand, as the saying goes, ‘a change is a good as a rest’ and when it comes to Windows 10 you will be pleasantly surprised. Not only is the move easy but its design is perfect for the modern workplace.

Not convinced? Then let us convince you with these six great reasons why you should move to Windows 10.

Outdated Operating System

This probably is the most important reason why you should to move to Windows 10. In short, Microsoft Windows 7 life support is ending (14th January 2020). If you are still using Windows 7 as your primary operating system, then you could end up with a whole host of problems that you could probably do without. Problems, such as hacks, malware, viruses and other potential future security flaws.

Cloud Ready

Business operations rely more and more on cloud solutions. So, it comes as no surprise that Windows 10 design is cloud ready. This new design means it integrates with the Office 365 platform to give users a seamless experience. Furthermore, for businesses, this is a great way to optimise the productivity of your employees.

Stronger security tools

Whatever size your business is, prevention and managing security threats is important. When Windows 7 life support ends you will be vulnerable to cyber, ransom and malware attacks. By choosing Windows 10 as your next operating system you will benefit from its robust security features. Windows Defender Exploit Guard, for example, scans for, quarantines and removes malware and ransomware. With Windows 10 security you can also isolate infected computers within your network.

More efficient updates

Do away with those inconvenient updates from your current operating system. Windows 10 introduces yet another new feature to their Windows update tool. The Unified Update Platform (UUP) helps streamline the update process. This nifty feature identifies any new changes to Windows 10 that your computer needs and only downloads them. In fact, according to Microsoft, the UUP tool can reduce the download rate by 35%. Which not only frees up storage space but also the time it takes to install the updates.

Safer Web browsing

With Windows Defender Application Guard this reduces the possibility of an employee landing on a fake website with malicious malware. Fake websites are increasingly difficult to spot unless you know what you are looking for. In order to keep your company data safe, it is important that you and your employees remain vigilant at all times.

Refreshed start menu

Every operating system has its flaws and Windows 8 had one particularly controversial one: the menu tiles. While in principle the idea was great, the design was definitely a bone of contention for those who preferred the conventional program list. Windows 10 is a combination of both systems, with the tiles appearing next to the conventional program list. This new combo is also flexible, so if you are a tile hater then you can ditch them and stick to the Start menu. On the other hand, if you are a tile lover you can have a full screen, and a have more application-focused experience. Alternatively, if can’t decide which you prefer then don’t decide and keep both.

Make your move to Windows 10

Now is the time to take advantage of the latest hardware capabilities your business needs for the modern workplace. Whether you are upgrading existing devices, buying new or need help with your deployment we can help. Contact our dedicated team of experts for a hassle free move to Windows 10.

With less than a year to go, you need to start getting ready. To help we have put together a list of actions to consider.

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