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9 June, 2015

A recent global survey of IT professionals indicated that wireless networks are the most exposed element of an organisation’s technology infrastructure.

According to a study conducted by Fortinet, these systems were found to be the top area of concern for cyberattacks, with 92% of respondents expressing a concern about this element of their framework.

With data breaches reaching record levels, the focus on network security is at the top of most IT professionals’ agendas. With more than a third of wireless networks not even having the most basic level of authentication in place, it comes as no surprise to find that just under half of all the CIOs and IT decision-makers surveyed considering these systems as their most susceptible risk.

The poll also found that 45% of corporate wireless networks are used by guests, with 24% of the organisations that offer this access doing so with no controls whatsoever.

These findings come after a recent press release from the Government, which reported that the average cost of a severe security breach for big businesses has doubled since last year. It now stands at £1.46m, whilst the cost to SMEs has almost tripled to £310,800. Although these figures are an extreme example of cyberattacks, the fact that 90% of businesses experienced some form of information breach in the last year meant that security must be tighter, which includes wireless networks.

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