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12 July, 2015

alcatel-lucent-buildingAccording to the president of Bell Labs, the research and development subsidiary of AT&T, traditional phone lines to both commercial and residential properties will become a thing of the past as wireless technology looks set to replace end user connections.

Marcus Weldon, who is also the CTO of Alcatel-Lucent, added to his predictions that he believes data centres will begin to respond more intelligently, by creating new connections in its networks in a similar way to how the human brain works.

Weldon expects the shift from wired connections to wireless to only affect the final 10-100m of the operating infrastructure, with the rest of the framework still being reliant upon wired and optical networks. These super-networks must be able to provide huge data capacity and will be formed of ‘edge clouds’ in place of a single cloud network.

In order to meet the exponential demand for data and communication exchanges, Weldon believes that networks need to be more responsive and agile, arguing that the only way to achieve this is to create systems which can adapt to users demands.

Wireless technology is susceptible to unique technological hurdles such as reflections and interference and the communications industry needs to find solutions to these challenges before Weldon’s vision of 2020 can be realised.

Wireless technology however, is continuing to evolve and establishing a secure and reliable wireless network in your office, school or home is achievable.
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