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11 March, 2021

One of the biggest impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic is the way businesses now operate.  With the office no longer the only place of work, businesses need to keep staff working together.  Furthermore, these changes have led to a multitude of scenarios that need constant consideration.  These include key personnel staying at home to self-isolate or to home school, planning the closure of an office or to operate it on skeleton staff.  It is therefore crucial that businesses have the right tools to ensure their teams can continue working together.

How to get your team working together

To get your team working together you need a solution that allows remote working and collaboration.  Which is why we recommend Microsoft 365, the cloud integration makes remote working and collaboration much more feasible.  It allows staff not yet infected by the virus the option of working together in the office or their respective homes.

Need further convincing to try Microsoft 365? Here are a few of the most useful features that will get your team working together.

Experience the joy of sharing!

Wherever you are working, the cloud-based storage on OneDrive makes sharing documents and other files with co-workers quick and easy.  Users simply need to launch the OneDrive app after signing into their Office 365 accounts.  Once in, they can browse folders or files they want to share or create purpose-based folders.  Right click (on your mouse) and select the Share option, it is as quick and as simple as that.  Users can then give an email address, select whether they want others with the link to be able to edit the file.  They can also copy and paste the link ready to insert into third-party messaging app.

Create a Team Site

If you have documents that require frequent access and modification by staff, you may prefer to simply host them on your Team Site.  A shared folder is created automatically by SharePoint when a new group is created by the admin.


Multiple people working remotely on shared documents can create issues if not co-ordinated properly.  Microsoft 365 includes a range of features to facilitate collaboration on documents.  For example, you can initiate calls, chats or meetings with others working on the same document.  You can also attach comments for your co-workers to specific parts of Word or Excel document, such as, to make suggestions or ask for clarification on something.

Of course, these are just suggestions.  While Microsoft Teams is an optional component of Microsoft 365 it is specifically designed to act as a hub for teamwork.  The Teams all-in-one app for Android and iOS gives Teams users access to everything they need to work.  From allowing you to preview and edit documents on your smartphone, it has other useful productivity features.  This includes the ability to convert images of hand-drawn tables into an Excel spreadsheet.

Get your team working together

If you have already migrated to Microsoft 365, then you have made a big step towards getting your workforce to work effectively from home.  If you haven’t and want to know about the benefits of Microsoft 365 then why not speak to one of our friendly experts. You may also need to consider the potential for cyber security breaches from staff if they are working from home.  Especially if they are accessing work accounts through unmanaged personal devices. With our office IT support we help mitigate such risk through our cyber security solutions and multifactor authorisation.

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